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The Move-In Mrs.

About two weeks after I moved out and before my divorce from my husband was finalized, I had to take my kids over to his house to get something. One of them texted him on the way over and about 10 minutes later (when we were pulling up to the house) received a text back:

"Don't come yet. Just wait 15 minutes."

Well, we were already there. We pulled up to find a female friend of his walking out the door to her car. I'd had suspicions about the status of this "friendship" in the past (see Hot Tub Footsie, The Entertainment System, and The Showy Sleepover). This certainly seemed to confirm things - although perhaps it was just a coincidence.

A week later, I had to drop off something at a friend's house down the street. Her car was there again - during the middle of the day.

Sure seems like a Booty Call to me.

I now make it a point not to drive near the house without advanced notice. I don't want or need to check up on what he's doing with his life now. However, I do get casual updates from my kids now and then.

To summarize, this is the status as far as I know:

She's over at the house on average about 3-4 times per week. This happens even when my kids are there. My ex-husband makes her dinner. According to my children, "She sits there while Dad makes dinner. It happens all the time."

And...she's married - TO SOMEONE ELSE.

It's as if I left and she moved (figuratively) right in - stepped into my old life.

I continue to go through the range of emotions. Most of all, I often find myself feeling replaced so quickly and so easily.

However, what bothers me most is that my children are being exposed to this behavior. What kind of example is this setting for them? I can't control his behavior or his choices. Apparently my kids have asked their dad whether his relationship with his friend is romantic. He has said no, of course.

Even if it isn't romantic (all indications to the contrary), is it okay for a married woman to spend 3-4 evenings a week at the home of a man who isn't her husband?

What do you think?

Is this acceptable behavior?

Do his actions with his "Move-in Mrs." suggest that there was likely some hanky-panky happening before?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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