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Hi! I'm one of you.

I'm a woman and a mom who's on a journey to live a joyful, healthy, abundant, love-filled life. After 17 years being married and a lot of soul-searching, I came to realize that I was losing myself in my marriage. In my many attempts to "do the right thing" and be who I thought he wanted me to be, I lost sight of who I needed to be for myself and for my children. 

Looking back, I see a trail of hints telling me things weren’t right in our marriage. I started really considering those hints, the gut instincts I had along the way telling me something was wrong. The gut instincts that I largely ignored, that I convinced myself were my own paranoia and jealousy.


Looking back, I can see that wasn’t the case. While I may never know if my ex-husband actually cheated on me, I have come to recognize that whether he cheated isn't the point at all.


The point is that I needed to learn how to listen to my instincts and trust my gut!

Because...I don't want to lose myself ever again.


So, I began a journey to write down my own stories and to collect stories from others - stories that would help me and other women to recognize when our guts are telling us something and to listen and respond in the way that is most healthy.

I look forward to reading and sharing your stories, and I look forward to us rediscovering ourselves together.


Thanks for submitting!

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