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Hidden Locations

When our kids got old enough to have cell phones and be walking home from school on their own, I did a lot of research about how to use their cell phones best to keep them safe. I found multiple apps that would report on location, and some also reported on things like social media use.

Ultimately, I decided on one that I felt served our needs best. The app I chose would allow each family member to download the app on his/her phone and connect it with location services. That way we could all "see" each other on the app. If either parent was not home, kids would know where we were, and the same if a child was not at home.

When I discussed this with my husband, he was in favor of knowing where our kids were.

However, he refused to setup an account for himself that would reveal his own location.

He argued that it was an invasion of privacy. He didn't want any device to be tracking his movements.

As the kids got older and were out more on their own with friends, he insisted they had the app turned on at all times. He insisted this knowing that I was the only parent who could see their locations, and he continued to refuse to be part of our family location group on this app.

It raised a flag for me at the time. It seems to me that his reasons of privacy invasion didn't stand up to the test given that he was in favor of the kids and me having the app installed If he was truly worried about privacy, wouldn't that be a concern that he felt for all of us and our safety?

Looking back, I wonder if those reasons were really just the easiest excuses he could think of to defend the fact that he didn't want his family to know where he was.

Why wouldn't you want your family to know your location? What was he trying to hide?

What do you think?

Did he cheat?


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